Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Cabbing is the art of cutting, shaping and polish a rough stone into a Cab or Cabochon. A Cabochon is a stone that is cut and polished usually with a smooth dome and flat bottom.

Cabs can be shaped into any symmetrical form, ovals, squares, triangles, rectangles and can be free-formed too.

Seen these stones transforming in different colors as you polish them is the most captivating and amazing process.

This hobby can easily turn into and addiction. You can be sitting in front of a cabbing machine for hours without even realize it.

Where to find these stones? Very easy, look around they are everywhere. At the beginning any stone you find can be turn into a Cabochon. Inexpensive stones can turn into the nicest pieces. As you start mastering this art you can buy different semi-precious and precious stones and turn them into a Cab.

This process can take from 15’to an hour. As you get more familiar with it you will make amazing pieces in minutes.

Here are some pictures of the nicest Cabs I made:

How do you make them?

Follow this simple steps:

1) Select the stone

2) Select the shape and mark the Stone.

3) Cut and Trim

4) Dopping (this can be optional, I would recommend it since it’s easy to catch your fingers in the wheels).

5) Rough grinding

6) Fine grinding

7) Smoothing and polishing.

8) Finishing the Stone.

Are you ready to make some of these beautiful pieces?

Come and join me!

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